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Product Development, the phase of innovating & developing products from idea, conceptualization to the design, development & marketing of products or services. A Good Product Development process sets the right foundation for maximum profitability & success of the end product[s].

A poorly developed product[s] could spell disaster for your business & bring down your reputation, wasting all your efforts & resources invested, in developing the product[s] to fruition.

Let Us Help Develop Your Products For You
Since 2006: Over the years, through developing our own proprietary products, we understand superior products are the results of in-depth understanding of client needs, developing the prototype & actual product, pre-framing ‘Use Cases’ & user scenarios, & rigorous testing of end-product[s] until it becomes robust & suitable for marketability.

We believe you want your clients to enjoy excellent, top-quality products. Hence before developing a product, we take you through a thorough evaluation & testing of your product concept to ensure it is feasible, actionable, solves client needs & there is demand for it.

Our Product Development expertise includes the following:

Course Content For LIVE Seminars

For over 10 years [& counting], our proven record of providing world-class Forex Education to the masses gives us the experience & expertise to help you develop & structure a successful course curriculum to effectively empower others. Let us help you to begin empowering others today!

Online Products - Books & DVDs

Publishing your own education material [e-books, DVDs & video etc] is an excellent way to scale your business internationally. And you will be leveraging on expertise from a best-selling author & international speaker who has published his own books & videos. Contact us to find out more today!.

Robo Advisors - Viper

Probably the 1st in SIngapore to embrace Robo-Advisors, we have been advocating the use of Expert Advisors [EAs] since 2007. Recommended by one of Asia’s leading global experts, our Viper EA, are among the most reliable & effective global trading & investment platforms.

Robo Advisors - NewsTrader

Another highly recommended social & auto-trading platform, NewsTrader is well-loved by millions across the globe. Fully customizable with auto-cancellation features, NewsTrader works on all major news platforms.

Mobile App Development

With increasing number of people executing trades & investments via their mobile phone & gadget, investing in the development of your own app will definitely be wise in giving you that competitive edge over other players & could well make you millions.

Education Franchising

We possess over 10 years proven experience in helping companies set up education franchises overseas. All with in-depth analysis, sound business acumen, modern tools and relevant skills. Leverage on our expertise as we help you facilitate and kickstart your franchise!

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