To become successful in Forex Trading today, traders around the world need to know effective solutions to decoding breaking news correctly & executing trades properly. The importance for continuous education & mentorship is now higher than before.

This led to the pioneering & development of the World’s Smartest Trading App, ProfitPips, an all-rounded trading app centred around trader education, LIVE coaching & communication functionality – while including all other aspects of a trading app, such as past news & trade performance records etc.

ProfitPips allows traders of all levels, from total beginner to expert, to learn, improve & sharpen their trading skills & profit – all on a single trading platform, with the vision of promoting legitimate, safer Forex trading.


Get quality trade notifications on your mobile with specific entry / exit points, by one of Asia’s #1 Trading Teams. No more wasting valuable time monitoring charts & waiting long hours for suitable trade setups.


Watch & follow trades as they are executed LIVE before your very eyes & observe the dynamic, real-time fluctuating charts & numbers in the highly volatile Forex Market!


Stay current – decode breaking news correctly, gain valuable insights, supplement your trading knowledge, become a better trader & watch your profits grow. It’ll be a good 1 – 2 hours well-spent.


Enjoy exclusive access to tons of insider knowledge & little-known tips that propel you towards success. Improve & sharpen your skills with strategies, videos, articles & more! Education is important.


BEST of all: Powerful 1-On-1 LIVE Coaching ProfitPips is the ONLY Trading App Out There with LIVE Coaching. Learn from one of Asia’s best traders & discover answers to your burning questions. Never miss a good trade again!



Determine your lot size & calculate your risk & strategize your trades. [Remember: Trade only with money you can afford to lose!]

Leveraging on cutting-edge technology, ProfitPips revolutionizes the way traders profit consistently through Forex.

You See: Getting into a trade easily takes 1 – 2 hours of your time.

With ProfitPips: Rather than monitor charts à wait for a trade setup à calculate lots sizes à planning risk à execute & monitor trades, all you need to do now is just to:

(1)       Receive Trade Call Notifications

(2)       Execute Trades & Start Profiting!

Easy-Peasy. As simple as that. ProfitPips watches the markets on your behalf & notifies you when its time to enter & exit a trade.

That’s why it is billed as the World’s Smartest Trading App.

ProfitPips is designed & programmed using only tried-&-tested strategies, following best practices in Forex Trading & adhering to professional advice.

The app has trained over 3,000 ProfitPips members to trade Forex with consistent annual profits in excess of 57%!




Start stepping into the future of online trading & make money on the go with ProfitPips. Gain immediate access & leverage on proven expertise of one of Asia’s #1 trading teams. Start seeing results immediately without over-exhausting yourself watching the markets!

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