Level: Total Beginner To Expert

“Sales are the lifeblood of all businesses. Grow Your Network, Grow Your Net Worth.”

In FX1, your business is our business. We are not just going to give you the products & leave you on your own to sell. Because we know that for you to sell effectively & build up your client base in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost, it is our duty to equip you with the right know-how, strategies & tools & to shorten your learning curve.

If you wish to maximise your sales when you market your app, business platform, or brokerage service etc at low costs, you will need certain Digital Marketing knowledge to complement traditional marketing efforts.

*Especially If: you are new to sales & marketing & want maximum conversions while saving cost, all the more you need to know & grasp quickly, the right sales & pitching strategies, whether through traditional channels e.g. word-of-mouth, direct marketing or digital platforms.

What Better Way Than To Learn From Experts Who Have Achieved Consistent Results For Over 10 Years?

Our consultants specialise in proven online marketing methodologies that are cost-effective & yield high conversions. They will walk you through an entire step-by-step marketing process, from studying the industry & finding Your USP, crafting persuasive marketing message to planning & executing comprehensive campaigns & funnel strategies to grow your business with the lowest cost & the shortest possible time.

Taught by our consultants with years of proven experience, you will be given comprehensive training on direct selling, marketing communications & also, the best ways to develop your marketing materials e.g. name cards etc – for high credibility, impact & conversion.

Our proven FX1 marketing approach combines in-depth understanding of different niches & modern tools for our very own ‘White-Hat’ online marketing techniques & best practices to propel your business forward:

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Branding & Positioning

We work closely with you to analyse your competition, discover your USP & equip you with persuasive marketing strategies & a champion mindset by taking you through a rigorous, systematic approach in ensuring your competitive edge.

Leads Generation Funnels

We guide you step-by-step on discovering & understanding your target niches in-depth, planning & design of funnels to identify & generate only leads who are willing to buy from you. All through laser-sharp targeting.

Simple Website Creation

We teach you to build & customize your own professional, mobile-responsive website in just 2 – 4 days for less than $200 bucks – when other trainers out there charge you exorbitant fees for the same as we will teach you.

Search Engine Marketing

We walk you through the nuts & bolts of an integrated, holistic digital advertising strategy that is based on PPC & online display advertising on search engines & social media marketing for maximum awareness, including performance tracking.

Search Engine Optimization

We guide you through the entire website optimisation process, from on-page to off-page, ensuring your website gets ranked within the first few pages of search engines & discovered by the right audience for high organic reach.

Analytics Reporting

We will tell you how to track marketing performance & measure effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You will be learning key digital marketing terms & how to interpret data as you tweak your strategy & improve your results generated.